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We'd like to hear what you have to say...

10.25.2009 Ilana wrote:
The menu is like no other Kosher restaurant my husband and I have ever seen. The food was superb. Have been going there for some time and even had them cater our son's birthday. Everyone commented on how delicious the food looked and tasted. Would defintely recommend.

6.15.2009 AP wrote:
I had the Lone Star Family Package today for takeout and I must say, everything was delicious. The chicken came off of the bone like butter. The brisket was at its finest. The guacamole was among the best I ever ate. And the sweet potato sticks were sweet and moist. And I was prepared to chug the leftover BBQ Sauce for desert. It was a phenomenal meal for all of us at a bargain price per person. And the $5 parade coin was a nice treat as well. Thank you.

3.16.2009 Michael wrote:
The food was fantastic! I had the fajitas which were very good and very filling. One of my friends had the Brisket Platter and I sampled a few bites. It was so good that I came back the next day for a Brisket Sandwich for lunch. The service was also very good. Our waiter did a fine job. He was attentive and accommodating! I will be back for more.

01.14.2009 Annette Marcus wrote:
I was in charge of catering a Kosher event for our synagogue and stumbled upon Smokey Joe's website. We ordered three hors d'oeuvres that only needed to be put into a warmer for 30 minutes to include leek and tomato tartlets, vegetable samosas and Thai wontons- with fabulous sauces! All of the above were delivered to me OUT OF STATE overnight, totally frozen, totally intact and totally delicious! I would recommend Joe to anyone I know!

12.04.2008 Jarred wrote:
The food was GREAT!!!! I drove from Philadelphia for the food, I would have driven further for the food!!! real BBQ!!!! I will be going back again really soon. Great service VERY VERY clean!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

11.21.2008 Andy wrote:
Joe - Kudos to your staff for the excellent food last night. The entire executive team enjoyed the variety of Tex Mex, from the Burritos and Tacos to the Brisket and Chicken. The Guacamole was one of the best I've had (I've distributed my fair share of Guacamole being in the food business). Also the BBQ sauce was just right - not too sweet and just enough tangy flavor. Superb.

9.19.2008 Barry wrote:
We have eaten at Smokey Joe's at least 7 times since it's opened and are huge fans. The chips and guac and salsa are among the best I have ever had and the cornbread is just tremendous - it's a miracle we even get to dinner. The chili is incomparable and is something we always order. You'd think 'so what, barbeque chicken'; the chicken is perhaps the crown jewel of the place; always tender and smokey. We love the brisket as well, which they have really perfected over the last year - always tender, never dry. When we have ordered out we have been impressed at how well the food reheats and retains its unique flavor....and that's the main point: it is really a unique, smokey flavor that you will not find anywhere else in the kosher world. We will keep going and keep ordering. The wait staff is welcoming and very helpful.

Chowhound post wrote:
Love the BBQ. You do it right and I was proud to enjoy it! The brisket, ribs & chicken were awesome. I'm not a big BBQ Chicken fan, but yours kicked it. I love your rub-your creation! I love that your chicken strips for kids was fresh! The food was outstanding. It was the real deal for BBQ. The price is very fair and the portions just right. The corn bread is amongst my favorite. I love chunks of corn. The size is right-didn't want to fill up! We had the chicken wings we loved. The service was very attentive and the food was served hot and fast. The dessert was to DIE for. The apple cobbler and the chocolate mousse were amazing--I can't believe they weren't milchig! Buy some of the rub--put it on steak or chicken or ribs-well worth it! Did I mention my wife is a born Texan and knows BBQ? She loved it and thought it was authentic and delicious as well.

06.11.2008 Chowhound post wrote:
I had a great experience at Smokey Joe's erev Shavuot. I had the guacamole burger and the meat itself was absolutely delicious, as was the guacamole. The fries were also excellent. My husband got the sampler platter and talked about the ribs all through Shavuot. We were very impressed by the food and found the service to be excellent as well (granted, there was no one there). We will definitely be going back even though we live nowhere near Teaneck! My only regrets are that we didn't order any appetizers and that we didn't realize that one could purchase the dry rub to go. YUM!

05.05.2008 Suri wrote:
Absolutely loved your radio show last week!!! As one caller suggested: "Definitely come to brooklyn!!!"

02.18.2008 Georgia Boy wrote:
reminiscent of the deep south. phenomenal ribs and coleslaw.

03.20.07 Ian wrote:
the thanks for all the good Q
03.20.07 Devorah wrote:
In a word -- Yum!! The menu is diverse, the food is delicious -- I'm so glad I live nearby!
03.20.07 Cindy wrote:
I had the most amazing dinner with friends at Smokey Joe's!! The place rocks! The food is delicious, the atmosphere is relaxing and fun, and the overall experience was superb. I look forward to coming again! I strongly recommnend you come too!
03.20.07 Ben wrote:
the smoked ribs are unbelievable! i have a great smokey flavor in my mouth as i am leaving- and a great satisfied feeling in my tummy! everyone should eat at this place- it is simply.... awesome!
03.21.07 Anonymous wrote:
this menu looks incredible! cant wait to try it!! Great idea to finally open up a mexican kosher place!!